EDAPS 2017

Local Attractions

Qiantang Tide (Haining)

The Yanguan Tidal Wave Viewing Scenic Spot, located at the strong tidal wave section of the Qiantang River, is the best place for enjoying this world marvel.

West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou

Lying in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province, the West Lake is a world famous tourist spot. Embraced by green hill on three sides. The whole lake is divided into 5 sections, namely the Outer Lake, North Inner Lake, West Inner lake, Yue Lake and Little South Lake, by Gu hill, Sudi Causeway, Baiti Causeway and Ruangong Mound. The beauty of the West Lake lies in its lingering charm that survives the changes of seasons in a year and of hours in a day.

《Impression. West Lake》

Strong history and culture to the West Lake and the beautiful natural scenery as a source of creativity, in-depth digging Hangzhou, an ancient folk tales, myths, cultural and historical representation of the elements of the West Lake to reproduce the same time, re-use of high-tech way, "West Lake Rain", from a side of West Lake and West Lake in the rain to reflect the natural charm of the rain. The entire landscape Virtual performances, through dynamic interpretation, realistic reproduction of the Hangzhou City connotation and condensed into a natural landscape to a high standard of art in the world, introduced to the world.

Andreas C Cangellaris


College of Engineering

Stochastic Electromagnetic Field Modeling for EMI/EMC-Aware Design of Electronic Systems

Kaustav Banerjee

University of California, Santa Barbara

2D Materials for Smart Life

Tetsu Tanaka

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

3D-IC Technology: Reliability Challenges and Biomedical Application

Philip T. Krein

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Integrating thermal, electrical, and materials issues for extreme-density power electronics

Jun Fan

EMC Laboratory, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Signal Integrity Designs of HBM in 3D Packaging